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BuildOUT California honors Hensel Phelps + HD Structural Co. on their LAX Project Partnership

BuildOUT California (BOC) is honored to highlight the power of connections! As part of BOCs mission to 'connect' large General Contractors by means of highlighting the experience, capacity and qualifications of LGBT/Allied firms we want to honor Hensel Phelps for their teaming with HD Structural Co. on their Los Angeles International Airport project.

"Our subconsultant agreement with Hensel Phelps is to provide on-call structural engineering technical services for the American Airlines Terminal 4 Project at LAX" mentioned Halle Doenitz, Founder/CEO of HD Structural Co. "This all started with an in-depth introduction BuildOUT California provided my firm to some remarkable people within Hensel Phelps including Kabri Lehrman-Schmid, Shawn Edwards and Sandra Ichiho" she added.

HD Structural is a woman, LGBT-owned corporation based in Los Angeles, providing structural consulting engineering services from design inception through construction completion for architects, owners, developers, and contractors.

Since its beginning in 1937, Hensel Phelps has grown as a family of hard-working individuals into a world-class builder. Exploring new markets and partnerships, investing in diversity and our communities, and forging new opportunities, they are dedicated to serving their people, their neighbors, their partners and all those who aspire to build a better future.


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