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BuildOUT California is proud to announce the Transportation Working Group (TWG)!

The Transportation Working Group (TWG) has become one of the most dynamic programs produced by BuildOUT California to date, drawing its strength from its connectivity with industry subject matter experts from California, the United States, the United Kingdom and Europe.

The TWG is a cross-functional advocacy group comprised of world-renowned subject matter experts in the field of infrastructure delivery, including policy, planning, building, operation, and legacy. TWG supports the successful delivery of all major projects including roads, bridges, railways, autonomous vehicles, schools, hospitals, housing, IT and major transportation programs. TWG’s priorities are fully aligned with the core requirements of local, state, and national government agencies, with an aim to develop high-performing, professional, and diverse teams to deliver world class projects.

Membership within the TWG is by invitation only. Interested transportation-related professionals and college students from throughout the Architectural, Engineering, Construction, and Real Estate Development industries are encouraged to apply for membership to the TWG. LGBTQ, minority, women, and differently abled professionals are highly encouraged to apply to participate in the TWG.

In the coming days you will be invited to participate in the first of TWG’s signature events that will bring together transportation officials from throughout the globe to focus attention on one of the largest world-class events to take place in California in the coming years.

Stay tuned!


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