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BuildOUT California is proud to present: The Gilbane Corner

BuildOUT California is excited to roll out another industry innovation with the Gilbane Corner, a tool that puts LGBTQ/Allied firms directly in touch with meaningful opportunities on Gilbane projects.

“For years we were looking for a solution whereby a large GC/Consulting firm could have a ‘one-stop-shop’ for a link to their Pre-Qual Form and an opportunity to directly highlight their current/future subcontracting opportunities on a regional basis” - Sandra Escalante BuildOUT California Founder and CEO of Laner Electric.

“BuildOUT California’s proprietary software program for ‘GC/Consultant Corner’ is an elegant and automated process which puts ‘opportunity’ directly in touch with our LGBT/Allied stakeholders. We’re honored to roll out this industry innovation with one of our key Founders, Gilbane Building Company'' Escalante added.


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