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Celebrating Brian Ellis, CEO of pipelinelogic

BuildOUT California would like to celebrate the recent success of one of our Associates who is a true LGBT pioneer in the pipeline operations/utilities sector.

Brian Ellis, CEO of pipelinelogic (, presented at the international 36th Annual Pipeline Pigging and Integrity Management Conference in Houston on Geohazard Threat Assessment. In this presentation, he walked through the transformative synergy between pipeline material data, progressive inline inspection data analysis technologies, earth movement data, and weather modeling for comprehensive geohazard threat assessments on pipelines. By amalgamating detailed static and predictive data from these sources, operators can create dynamic digital twins of various scales that offer real-time insights into pipeline integrity. These digital twins facilitate proactive risk mitigation and maintenance strategies.

The tools and techniques discussed apply to several asset classes in the utility portfolio beyond pipeline: power, substation, water utility, and hydroelectric assets to name a few.

The paper can be found here: - or contact Brian Ellis via LinkedIn ( for more information.

pipelinelogic works with leading pipeline operators and utilities on implementation and optimization of existing pipeline integrity management programs by providing high quality data with practical tools, thorough knowledge of regulatory compliance issues, and a deep understanding of integrity engineering.


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