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CMAA NorCal C.O.D.E. Meet the Primes at The Port Workspaces in Oakland on June 22

BuildOUT California is honored to amplify the invitation announced by CMAA NorCal’s CODE Committee as they prepare for their first in-person ‘Meet the Primes’ event in over two years! Small, LGBT, Minority, Women and Disabled Veteran Businesses are encouraged to participate and BUILD some great relationships at this event which promises to really ‘move the dial’ for your business. CMAA NorCal’s CODE Committee’s goal for this event is simple:

Increase the economic vitality and participation of the region’s small / diverse business community via strategic introductions between key public agency representatives and the consultant firms that serve as primes on critical infrastructure projects for major bay area public agencies.

Questions and be directed to CMAA NorCal’s CODE Committee Chair, Dominic Tafoya at:


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