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Countdown to Founders Day on June 1, 2023! Our Honorees: Jacqueline Pruitt

Countdown to BuildOUT California’s June 1, 2023, Founders Day!

Introduction to our 2023 Honorees:

Jacqueline Pruitt – President’s Award of Achievement

To stand in the presence of Jacqueline Pruitt is to experience her profound strength, confidence, compassion and humbleness. Jacqueline established Marvella Steel Placers in February of 2016 where she is both President and CEO.

Ms. Pruitt began her career in early 2009 as an Apprentice Ironworker for Local 416. With the odds against her, she made it her everyday task to learn and implement the skills needed to become a successful Field Journeyman Ironworker. In her 3rd year as an apprentice, she was given the chance to be a Lead Ironworker on projects such as Berth 200 in the Port of Los Angeles, the Automated Container Movers in the Port of Long Beach, miles of retaining walls and barrier rail on the 91 freeway, and the slab/metal decks of the Wilshire Grand where the Founders Day ‘23 event will take place.

Shortly after achieving her Journeyman status, she was given the opportunity to be Foreman and built the Hollywood Park Casino on time and under budget. Ever since her entrance into the Ironworkers local, she had the desire to start and run her own rebar business. Because of her tenacity, attention to detail and perseverance, she has achieved an ever-growing level of success.

It is with the greatest pride that we announce that Jacqueline Pruitt is the recipient of the 2023 Founders Day President’s Award of Achievement.

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