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Founders Day - Introduction to our 2023 Honorees: Dixon Lu, Built Community Impact Award

Countdown to BuildOUT California’s June 1, 2023, Founders Day!

Introduction to our 2023 Honorees:

Dixon Lu, Built Community Impact Award

The contributions of LGBT professionals in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industries are literally transforming the world in which we live. The LGBT community’s impact on the design and construction of legacy buildings and infrastructure throughout history has been profound but we’ve been nearly invisible until recently.

Dixon Lu, a member of our LGBTQ community, is a recipient of our Built Community Impact Award for 2023. Dixon is Associate Partner at MAD Architects and he is absolutely transforming our AEC industry’s landscape.

As a way of background MAD Architects is an international architecture practice, based in China, committed to developing futuristic, organic and technologically advanced designs that embody a contemporary interpretation of the Eastern affinity with nature. MAD's projects encompass urban planning, urban complexes, municipal buildings, museums, theaters, concert halls, and housing, as well as art and design.

Dixon is Associate Partner at MAD Architects’ Los Angeles Office. Previously, Dixon was Head of Operations for MAD Architect’s Beijing office from 2008 to 2011. In his current role he manages operations, projects, and overall strategy for MAD in North and South America. Key projects he has been involved in include the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art (Los Angeles), One River North (Denver), and Qondesa (Quito, Ecuador) to name just a few.

For living his life authentically, both personally and professionally, BuildOUT California is ecstatic to honor Dixon at our June 1, 2023, Founders Day Gala Dinner & Awards Program.

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