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Register for the BuildOUT California Golden Pitch Owner Series Special Event on Jan 12, 2024 at 8 am (PST)!

How Caltrans, and its Contractors, worked ‘around the clock’ to re-open Interstate I-10 in Downtown Los Angeles following the November 11, 2023 fire.


A presentation, and discussion, with Ramon Hopkins, Caltrans, Division Chief of Construction


Immediately following the November 11,2023 fire under the I-10 freeway in Downtown Los Angeles, the nation, and world, watched as Caltrans worked around the clock with CAL FIRE, California Highway Patrol, and local agencies to reopen the I-10 as quickly as possible. Initial reports were that nearly 100 columns were damaged in the incident.

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Join us for an executive briefing by Caltrans, Chief of Construction, Ramon Hopkins, as he shares with us:


  • A recap of the incident

  • Caltrans’ assessments of damage to the Interstate

  • How Caltrans worked with the Engineering, Design and Construction industry to re-open the Interstate in record time

  • ‘Lessons learned’ from the incident and mitigating risk in the future


About our lead presenter:


Ramon Hopkins is a registered civil engineer and current Chief of the Division of Construction at the California Department of Transportation. With nearly 30 years of industry experience Ray has led a number of notable projects up and down the state of California.


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