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UCSF Bid Opportunity: Helen Diller Medical Center Parnassus Project

BuildOUT California is proud to share the following message from our community partners at UCSF:

UCSF Health Design & Construction has bid and awarded a contract to Herrero Boldt Webcor to provide General Contracting (hereafter Contractor), and who is responsible for bidding and awarding bid packages. Contractor is seeking Proposers interested in bidding on the BP10 Pneumatic Tubing bid package for the New Hospital at UCSF Helen Diller Medical Center at Parnassus Heights project (NHPH).

The construction cost for the project is estimated at $2.0 billion. UCSF Health’s goal is to maximize innovation, quality, productivity, flexibility, and collaboration to create value for cost through use of the current, best-in-class project delivery model for large healthcare programs. Core team members (GC, AOR, Engineers, Trade Contractors, and Subconsultants) are required to co-locate with the project team during design and construction services.

UCSF has a master program that will serve as the starting point for design. The project includes NHPH as well as renovation of existing space within Moffitt and Long Hospitals. NHPH will connect to both Moffitt and Long Hospitals. New construction will not exceed 900,000 BGSF and renovations may be approximately 200,000 SF. Renovations of the existing Parnassus Central Utility Plant (PCUP), loading dock, Medical Center Way, and site utilities may be incorporated into the scope of the NHPH Program. Langley Porter Psychiatric Institute (LPPI) will be demolished before this project can begin.

The project is to be constructed in accordance with the current California Building Code (CBC) and all other applicable codes, laws, and regulations including Title 22, Title 24, the NFPA Life Safety Code and the California Health and Safety Code. The project is subject to a review and approval by the Department of Health Care Access and Information (HCAI) formerly known as OSHPD.

The Request for Proposal Documents will be available to bidders on Friday, February 18, 2022. Proposers are required to register as a supplier and complete the registration form at

Proposers can obtain a complete set of the bid documents from Herrero Boldt Webcor’s online bidding system, Building Connected.

If you have any questions, please contact Rebecca Palm-Song at


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