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Gilbane is always looking to expand the network of firms that we work with in California and nationally. Our outreach and engagement strategies go beyond meeting mandated goals, they’re about building relationships and providing opportunities for diverse and underrepresented business. 


Begin the prequalification process by visiting, which focuses on three areas:


SAFETY – Ability of a contractor to operate safely


  • Experience Modification Rate

  • OSHA 300 Logs

  • Safety Plans

  • Certificate of Insurance


EXPERIENCE – Ability of a contractor to successfully execute the scope of work 

  • References

  • Workforce

  • Completed Projects


FINANCIAL STRENGTH – Ability of a contractor to meet future financial obligations

  • Financial Statements

  • Surety and Bonding Limits


  • Current W-9 Form

  • Three years of Financial Reports

  • Experience Modification Rating

  • OSHA 300 / 300A Forms

  • References for Bank, Bonding Agent, and Insurance

  • Projects details for three current and three significant projects

  • Sample Certificate of Insurance


Once you submit for pre-qualification for your firm to connect with Gilbane about future opportunities:

The Gilbane Rising Contractor program provides our diverse and underrepresented trade partners an opportunity to develop and broaden their industry skills and knowledge, while also gaining first-hand insight on working with Gilbane.

While there are existing business training programs out there, our program focuses on the practical; what do you need to do to work with Gilbane and complete our projects successfully?

Through eight, two-hour weekly sessions led by Gilbane subject matter experts, participants develop relationships through knowledge sharing centered around topics such as estimating, accounting, insurance, and business development.

Each session is split into two parts; the first hour is devoted to educating the participants on the scheduled topic from a national perspective. The second hour is dedicated to regional breakout groups, where participants engage with Gilbane team members from their region to cover any local topics or concerns and answer questions.

We look forward to a time where we can meet in person again. However, for the safety of our team and partners, the 2021 Rising Contractor sessions will continue to be held virtually.



Los Angeles Civic Center CUP Replacement

Gilbane is primarily looking for trade partners working in the following trades: demolition, abatement, miscellaneous steel, paint, plumbing, waterproof coatings, and roofing. This project will have prevailing wage requirements. Request interested parties register with provided URL link




The Civic Center Central Heating and Refrigeration Plant was built in the 1950's and supplies 11 buildings within the Civic Center area with chilled water and steam as part of their heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. The original 1950's era boilers are noncompliant with the current Air Quality Management District clean air emissions standards, and the steam driven refrigeration chillers have passed their useful life. The Central Plant also houses the cogeneration power plant and associated infrastructure that is no longer in use.

There is urgency to upgrade the Central Plant due to environmental regulations and aged plant equipment. As part of the Central Plant upgrade effort, the plant will be fully renovated to include all new chillers, boilers, pumps, piping, cooling towers, electrical systems, low voltage controls, emergency generator, thermal storage system, architectural restoration, roofing, and a fully upgraded structural system.

Nordic Aquafarms

Request interested parties register within and indicate geographic preferences and capabilities




Onshore fish farm currently in preliminary design phases; looking for any and all trades, vendors, service contractors interested and capable of serving this project in Humboldt County.

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