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Hello London! Hello Jacobs “House of Prism Europe/UK!”

BuildOUT California was honored to meet with the Chairs of Jacobs’ “House of Prism Europe/UK” today in London to discuss our ever-growing collaboration with one of the world’s leading A&E firms with annual revenues of approximately $15B and a global workforce of about 60,000.

Thank you to Krzysztof Sieledczyk and Katie Godfrey for the insightful conversation regarding their important work throughout the UK, Europe and around the Globe. Special thanks to BuildOUT California Founders’ (and Jacobs employees) Daniel Souza and Vigor Lam for being the ‘global connectors’ you are!

Discussions focused on long-term workforce development strategies, upcoming BuildOUT and Prism events in the UK and US as well as Congestion Management Pricing Programs, Green Infrastructure, and High Speed Rail projects.

Thank you to Prism for your amazing work around the globe and looking forward to collaborating with you in making the A&E/Construction industry more inclusive for LGBTQI+, and our allies, in the workplace. Everything IS better when you can bring your ‘whole self’ to work each day!

So much more to come!


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