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Rudolph and Sletten’s Business Enterprise Diversity and Inclusion Networking & Info. Session: Mar 17

BuildOUT California is proud to amplify Rudolph and Sletten’s (R&S) invitation for their upcoming Local Business Enterprise Diversity and Inclusion Networking & Information event to highlight their Southwestern Community College District - Instructional Complex 1 project located in Chula Vista, CA.

The event has been designed to highlight how small, and historically underutilized contractors, can become a part of the R&S winning team.

Date: Thursday, March 17th

Time: 11:00AM – 12:00PM

Via Zoom

There will be Southwestern Community College District representatives, R&S preconstruction, and construction project team members present at the event and an opportunity to network with prospective prequalified specialty trade contractors.

Bid Packages for this project include, but are not limited to, the following:

1 Miscellaneous Steel

2 Prefabricated Walls

3 Installation Walls

4 Flooring

5 Specialties

6 Roller Shades

7 RF and Magnetic Shielding

8 Fire Protection

9 Plumbing/HVAC Systems

10 Electrical Systems

11 Miscellaneous Steel

12 Prefabricated Walls

13 Installation Walls

14 Flooring

15 Specialties

16 Roller Shades

17 RF and Magnetic Shielding

18 Fire Protection

19 Plumbing/HVAC Systems

20 Electrical Systems

21 RF and Magnetic Shielding

22 Fire Suppression

23 Electrical & Low Voltage

24 AC Paving

25 Site Concrete

26 Landscaping, Irrigation and Site Furnishings

27 Site Utilities


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