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SB/DVBE Emergency Registry: NOW LIVE!

We are excited to announce the SB/DVBE Emergency Registry is now live. This is a dedicated portal for SBs and DVBEs to register as suppliers of emergency goods and services.

Unlike Cal eProcure, this portal is limited to certified SB/DVBE businesses that are ready and able to provide the state goods and services contained in the emergency categories listed below during emergencies. State department buyers will be able to access and search this pool of suppliers during state emergencies.

Should you sign up?

Only SB/DVBE businesses with an active certification who are currently ready and able to support the state of California in an emergency should register.

Emergency contracting requires fast, around-the-clock turnaround times - a business should not register unless they are fully capable of immediately providing the goods and/or services they list during registration.

What information is required to register?

SB/DVBE Certification ID number

Emergency category selection(s) (see full list of categories below)

Description of products/services

Business location

Business contact information

Emergency contact information that can be reached around-the-clock

Emergency Registry Categories:

base camp operations


debris removal


fire protection

food & beverage

hazardous materials

information technology


law enforcement/security




miscellaneous services


erosion control

facilities maintenance/repair


miscellaneous supplies

personal care supplies

portable modular buildings/sanitation

respiratory products

roadway maintenance

temporary labor

traffic control

vehicle rentals (incl. heavy equipment)

vehicle repair

How does a qualified certified business register?

Qualified SB/DVBE certified businesses must register their company through the DGS Shared Services Portal which houses the SB/DVBE Emergency Registry. Certified businesses will be able to

clearly define which goods and services they can offer to the state around-the-clock during an emergency. Certified businesses who register acknowledge that they are currently able and ready to respond to emergency requests.

If your business is ready and able to provide goods or services in one or more emergency categories, click on the link below for step-by-step registration instructions, and access to the SB/DVBE Emergency Registry:


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