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Thank You!

BuildOUT California wishes to thank the local, national, and international Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Real Estate Development communities for a remarkable, and memorable, experience at this year’s Founders Day 2023 held at the spectacular InterContinental Hotel in DTLA. When combined over the two-day period there were over 800 LGBT & Allied entrepreneurs, professionals, project owners and Design/Construction Industry leaders in attendance.

We celebrated our honorees, we heard stories about triumph over profound adversity, we heard directly from the project directors of some of the largest infrastructure projects taking place on the planet. Woven throughout the multi-day events were the sounds of people making professional connections that will lead to increased economic vitality and breakthroughs in understanding and respect.

There are literally hundreds of people, companies, agencies, and sponsors to thank from both the ‘front of the house’ and ‘behind the curtains’ for making our Founders Day Golf Tournament, Conference and Gala Dinner & Awards show one that everyone could be proud of.

There is a tremendous amount of work to be done to build the business case to LGBT entrepreneurs and professionals throughout the Built Community that stepping forward and self-identifying as a member of the community makes good business sense. We haven’t begun to scratch the surface of our organizational potential, but we are committed to your personal and professional success.

Thank you to every Ally who has joined us in our journey thus far. We are grateful for your collaboration in showcasing the phenomenal experience, qualifications and capacity of LGBT and Allied firms. If you haven’t joined us yet – we are REALLY fun industry association comprised of high-performer industry leaders who are dedicated to the business of lifting ‘all boats equally”.

It is, indeed, ONWARD AND UPWARD!

Team BuildOUT California


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