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Motive Power to be Presenting Sponsor for Olympic-Size Mobility Virtual Event on March 30!

BuildOUT California announces Presenting Sponsor of March 30, 2022 Olympic-Size Mobility Virtual Event: From London to LA – Lessons Learned & Moving Forward

The Founders of BuildOUT California are honored to announce that Angel Lance, Founder and CEO of Motive Power, has confirmed their sponsorship of the Wednesday, March 30, 2022 international panel focusing on transportation-related lessons learned from the 2012 London Olympics and a ‘look ahead’ to how transportation planners in Los Angeles are preparing for the safe and efficient movement of millions of spectators/participants in 2028.

Motive Power is a Management Consulting firm which derives its name from a concept within Ayn Rand’s novel Atlas Shrugged. The motive power referenced in the book not only ties to the revolutionary motor that harnesses energy to move objects, but also the motive power of the mind that moves the world forward. This concept resonates with the Motive Power team as they partner with sister companies to be at the forefront of combatting climate change through decarbonization.

Motive Power is actively engaged in transportation by supporting Fortune 500 Companies, and Government entities, as we move toward a carbon neutral world. Angel and her team believe in creating a positive impact and a bright future for their people, clients, business partners, industries, and community in every decision they make.

Registration for the March 30 event begins Thursday, March 10, 2022.

BuildOUT California’s TWG is a cross-functional advocacy group comprised of world-renowned subject matter experts in the field of infrastructure delivery, including policy, planning, building, operation, and legacy.


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